Sharada Gundala (Machiroutu)

Senior Business Analyst

Wells Fargo Bank

Sharada is a Program Manager in the National Community Relations Group at CitiGroup. Prior to her Graduate Studies at Michigan, Sharada completed a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Anna University, India. Concerned about the energy-dependent trend in architecture while working as an architect in India, she pursued an MS in Building Design at Arizona State University. She specialized in Climate Responsive and Sustainable Architecture. She accepted an internship at SouthWest HEC, an energy services company and performed lighting and HVAC analysis and made retrofit measures for Northern Arizona University. She has presented a paper on Passive Cooling at the Solar98 conference at Albuquerque, NM and her paper titled BioClimatic Strategies for Climates at Low latitudes was accepted and published at the PLEA (Passive Low Energy Association) conference at Sydney, Australia.