Erb Undergraduate Fellows


About the Program

As an Erb Institute Undergraduate Fellow, you’ll join a community dedicated to using business as a force for good. We help you dream big and design a different kind of future for yourself—one that you might not even realize is possible. Our program combines business and sustainability education inside and outside of the classroom to help you build the skills to help create a sustainable world for all.


The curricular requirements of the Erb Undergraduate Fellows program are intended to give you exposure to the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in business. You will take courses from Michigan Ross and the Program in the Environment (PitE) to customize your educational experience and develop a deeper understanding of business and sustainability. The program requires 12 credits of coursework focused on business and sustainability, to be taken from a combination of available courses.

For an updated list of currently approved courses, please email and a curricular guide will be sent to you.

Example course include:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
STRAT 400The Economics of Sustainability3 credits
BE 401Finance For Social Good3 credits
BA/STRAT 445The Base of the Pyramid: Innovation & Social Impact3 credits
ARCH 357Architecture, Sustainability and the City3 credits
ENVIRON 360Behavior and Environment3 credits
ENVIRON 360Behavior and Environment3 credits
COMM 413
Environmental Communication3 credits
ENV 462.003
Business Sustainability, and Diversity, Equity,
Inclusion, & Accessibility
3 credits
ENV 312Environmental Politics and Policy3 credits
ENV 408Land Use Policy, Law, and the Environment3 credits
ENV 335A Introduction to Environment Politics: Race,
Class, and Gender
4 credits
ENV 405LSA Urban Sprawl: Policy and Politics3 credits
ENV 395Public Lands & Natural Resource Law and Policy3 credits
ENV 462.002Environmental Rights, Justice, and Law3 credits
ENV 462.004Political Economy of Food3 credits
ENV 462.005Foundations of Sustainable Food Systems3 credits
CEE 567Energy Infrastructure Systems3 credits
CEE 588*Sustainability Finance: Investment Models for Green Growth3 credits
MO 355*The Science and Practice of Flourishing at Work and Beyond6 credits
EARTH 344Sustainable and Fossil Energy4 credits
MO 455*The Science of Flourishing at Work & Beyond3 credits
ENVIRON 361Psychology of Environmental Stewardship3 credits
ENVIRON 391Sustainability and the Campus4 credits
ENVIRON 417*Marketing for Social Change3 credits
PUBPOL 313P Environmental Management and Policy1.5 credits
ENV 302.001Energy and Environmental Policy Research3 credits
CEE 307 / ENV
Sustainable Cities3 credits
ENV 465.002Technologies and Policies for Decarbonization2 credits
URP 423Introduction to Urban and Environmental
3 credits
Sustainable Engineering and Design3 credits
EARTH 380Natural Resources Economics and
4 credits

Connect with a member of the Erb team!

In addition to the advising resources offered at your primary school, as an Erb Undergraduate Fellow, you’ll have access to advising from the Erb Institute to help you navigate academic and co-curricular opportunities.

Find Your Community

The University of Michigan is huge, and finding your community can be challenging. As an Erb Undergraduate Fellow, you’ll join a community that shares your passion and purpose—a community that’s dedicated to positive impact. You’ll engage directly with students across the university, form friendships and work on projects together. Through it all, you’ll have a staff of six who are dedicated to helping you navigate the business sustainability landscape.

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