The Erb Institute Scholarship

The Erb Institute awards scholarships to entering first-year and mid-year students. The scholarships aim to recruit a student population with exceptional records of professional, academic, and community accomplishments.

Newly admitted Erb Institute dual-degree students are invited to apply after they have applied to both Ross and SEAS and have been admitted to at least one school. The scholarship application cycle closes on July 1st of each year. Awards are made on a rolling basis, so students are advised to apply as soon as they are eligible. Awards are disbursed during a student’s last semester in the MBA/MS program and are intended to cover tuition only.

The Erb Institute also offers a $10,000 Service Scholarship in recognition of incoming Erb students who have participated in qualifying service organizations. Qualifying service organizations are: the military, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Teach for America. Service scholarship awards will be included in the total scholarship award amount for students.

The Erb Institute Scholarship Application is closed for AY 2024 – 2025 and will open again later this year for AY 2025 – 2026. Please click here to read the application questions for 2024-2025.

The Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo (MÁS) Scholarship Fund

The Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo (MÁS) Scholarship Fund will provide support for admitted graduate students who are pursuing dual degrees through the Ross School of Business MBA program and the School for Environment and Sustainability MS program through the Erb Institute. Through this scholarship, Miguel Sossa seeks to inspire students to pursue dual degrees through the Ross School of Business MBA program and the School for Environment and Sustainability MS program. It is Miguel’s hope that this scholarship emboldens a diverse array of leaders to step forward and forge unconventional paths, safeguarding the well-being of our planet and the potential of our shared future.

The fund will be used to support students who plan to pursue or are already admitted into/pursuing both the Master’s of Business Administration at Ross and a Master’s of Science Degree at the School for Environment and Sustainability. Eligible candidates must have started one or both programs by August 31. The Ross School of Business will award the one-time, $10,000 scholarship, included in the recipient’s financial aid package. The award will be disbursed prior to the start of the Fall 2024 academic semester.

Selection Criteria: 
Student applications will be reviewed and selected by a coalition of staff members from Ross, SEAS, and the Erb Institute. Criteria includes: application, prior work and volunteer experience, academic interests, and commitment to the mission of the Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo (MÁS) Scholarship Fund. 

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