During your time at the Erb Institute, you’ll have a variety of action-based learning opportunities for impact on a global scale.

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The Erb Difference

Opportunities available only to Erb students

Impact Projects

As an Erb Institute student, you have the opportunity to drive business sustainability impact, build your capacity and network and further your career goals through Impact Project funding. With these projects, you are invited to design high-impact initiatives. Eligible projects include hands-on field experiences, prototyping for social enterprise start-ups and participation at relevant conferences.

Impact Project funding is available only to Erb Institute students, and it supports:

  • Self-directed learning—Supplement your dual-degree curriculum by applying your business sustainability knowledge and skills outside the classroom.
  • Career-focused experiences—Develop customized projects that align directly with your professional goals.
  • Meaningful engagement—Position yourself as a leader within business sustainability thought and action.

Design your own project.

Whether you have an idea for a new business you’d like to create here in Ann Arbor or a sustainability initiative you’d like to launch across the globe, we want to help you make an impact.

Impact Project Blogs:

Insights from the Future of Climate Action conference

Insights from the Future of Climate Action conferenceClimate change is an urgent global concern that has prompted companies to develop comprehensive climate action plans, including strategies to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While companies can easily...

Developing the ‘Next Tier’ of corporate sustainability leaders

Student Impact Project: Developing the ‘Next Tier’ of corporate sustainability leadersWhen the World Environment Center (WEC) partnered with the Erb Institute to build out its innovative new “Next Tier” program to equip companies left behind in the sustainability...

Project highlight

Social Impact in Armenia


Two Internships

As an Erb student, you’ll complete two internships, giving you the chance to try something new and explore various roles and industries. If you’re still defining the career path you’d like to take, you can test out two different experiences to find the role that’s right for you. In the past, Erb students have held the following internship positions:

  • Environmental Defense Fund, Climate Corps
  • Bain and Co., Summer Associate
  • Citi Bank, Financial Analyst
  • Cargill, Strategy Associate Intern
  • Starbucks, Marketing
  • Amazon, Senior Product Manager Intern
  • Nike, Operations Intern
  • Seventh Generation, Strategy Intern
  • REI, Student Consultant

Do business anywhere in the world


At Ross

Real World Experience: Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)

MAP is an opportunity to work full-time with your classmates to develop solutions to real business challenges for a sponsor company. These projects are offered at no additional tuition cost, and they are designed to help you get outside of your comfort zone and develop project management and leadership skills.

Get outside (of the classroom)


SEAS Opus Finish

To round out your MS at SEAS, you’ll complete a capstone: Master’s Project, thesis or practicum. While we encourage all students to select the capstone that best complements their educational goals, many Erb students opt for Master’s Projects. Master’s Projects are interdisciplinary capstone experiences that enable you to develop solutions to pressing problems faced by real-world clients. You will work on research teams with client organizations and faculty advisors to address complex environmental issues and design innovative, impactful products.