Erb Undergraduate Fellows


Application Requirements

The Erb Undergraduate Fellows program is open to rising juniors, current sophomores, majoring or minoring in either the Ross School of Business or Program in the Environment. If you have questions before applying, contact us.

Rising junior status

Major or minor in Ross or PitE

Students are strongly encouraged to have completed Environ 207 OR Environ 208 prior to applying for the program

About the Application

As an applicant, you will be asked to provide basic information, upload your most recent resume, and provide responses to three personal essay questions. The application period is now closed and will reopen in late 2024 for AY 2025 -2026.


AY 24-25 Application Questions


Reflecting on your professional and/or personal experiences, what has inspired you to pursue the Erb Institute Undergraduate Fellows program in business sustainability? Building on this, describe the sustainability impact that you hope to have as a business sustainability leader. (Maximum of 250 words).


One of the greatest assets of the Erb Institute is our community of students, staff, alumni and business partners. This community works diligently to foster a community that is welcoming and inclusive. The Erb Institute Undergraduate Fellows program aims to develop and support a tight-knit, inclusive community of students that are supportive of each other and energized about the possibilities for sustainable solutions. How will you contribute to the development of this inclusive community? What positive attributes and qualities will you contribute to the Erb undergraduate community? (Maximum of 250 words).


How has your academic experience prepared you for pursuing business and sustainability? What classes have supported your learning so far?  If you haven’t completed ENVIRON 207 or 208, please share any academic concerns or barriers to enrollment. (Maximum of 150 words)


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