Erb Community

When you decide to pursue your dual degree from the Erb Institute, you will find yourself part of a tight-knit community of students who are supportive of each other and energized about the possibilities for sustainable solutions. Our students are well networked when they arrive at Erb, and they find that those networks grow exponentially during their time here.

This bond begins to form from day one, at Erb Orientation–an informative two days of discussing business sustainability, institute resources and opportunities.  Throughout the year, between shared classwork, Erb sponsored projects and events and of course Erb gatherings, such as “Friendsgiving,” hiking, skiing etc., you will develop a bond with fellow Erbers and alumni that is special, strong and will last beyond your time here.

The Erb Network

The Erb Institute’s longevity also sets it apart from competing programs. One can not underestimate the power of a network over 450 strong and growing each year. Our alumni are active, engaged and connected and willing to lend experience, contacts, and ideas in the field of sustainability.

“I know how difficult it can be to forge connections in new areas. As an External Advisory Board Member for the past decade at the Erb Institute, I’ve seen firsthand how the Erb network can amplify a student’s experience and career opportunities.”Ryan Waddington

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Practical, hands-on learning experiences are a hallmark of the Erb Institute. Beyond the classroom, Erb offers various experiences to bolster what students learn, including short-term partnership projects, case competitions, research opportunities and two summer internships.

Students also have opportunities to network with business and sustainability leaders through workshops, career chats and one-on-one meetings.

Short-term student project with Amazon

Erb student, Chris Owen (MBA/MS 2020), traveled to Ecuador for an Impact Project focused on women’s entrepreneurial empowerment. Erb students are encouraged to be bold and design projects with lasting impact.

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Impact Projects

Erb Institute dual-degree students have the opportunity to drive business sustainability impact, build their capacity and network to further their career goals through Impact Project funding. Erb Institute students are invited to design high-impact initiatives for Impact Project funding to support self-directed learning, career-focused experiences and meaningful engagement.

Launch projects:

Launch Projects emphasize action-based learning by empowering you to take an active role in responding to sustainability challenges and driving impact.

Lead projects:

Lead projects fund active learning experiences and offer a gateway for you to apply classroom learning and demonstrate your thought leadership.

Learn projects:

Learn Projects provide an opportunity to engage directly with the business sustainability community through conferences, events and other convenings.

Erb Seminar

Erb students take this half-term seminar their first year, and review a broad range of social, environmental, and human-rights issues facing business. Students are introduced to the “Erb Sustainability Lifecycle”, and learn practical management toolboxes, from stakeholder engagement to materiality assessment, sustainability strategy, and human-rights risk assessment. The management tools are complemented by the Erb Impact Map for individual career visioning, and students begin to think through the long-term sustainability careers they wish to pursue.

Erb student Jenna White at her 2015 summer internship in Uganda

Two Internships

Students routinely cite the opportunity to complete two full summer internships as one of the best benefits of the dual-degree program. Two internships allow students the chance to explore a variety of roles and seek out bold new opportunities. The Erb Institute develops leaders who are capable of contributing to many kinds of organizations, including nonprofits and government agencies as well as private businesses. Students are encouraged to broaden their experiences through their internships.

Erb student Joe Tate at his 2016 summer internship in Detroit, Michigan

Peer Coaching

The Peer Coaching program, available to all Erb students, matches student coaches with student coachees for the academic year to guide the coachee through personal and professional challenges. The student coaches get to build their leadership and listening skills and to enhance their presence and awareness of others. For more than eight years, this program has allowed many Erb students to thrive—to be challenged and grow in a supportive community during their dual-degree master’s experience at the University of Michigan.

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