The Erb Institute was designed with the intent to equip business professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to create environmentally, socially and economically sustainable organizations. Graduates of the dual-degree program benefit from a richer set of experiences and can draw upon a broader sustainability skill set post-graduation.

The MS from SEAS allows students to obtain an in-depth understanding of science, technology and policy issues related to sustainability, while developing skills related to systems thinking and critically applying them to the challenges of environmental and social change. The MBA from Ross develops an understanding of core management principles such as finance, economics, strategy and marketing, which are essential to the fundamental leadership skills necessary to enact change and become a more effective leader in any organizational setting.

Ross and SEAS Courses

There are over 30 courses between the two schools, and they have have been recognized as “explicitly focusing on social sustainability and entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility and change management, and environmental energy sustainability.” In addition, the Erb Seminar is a deep-dive practicum, enhanced by invited sustainability practitioners and Erb’s own Sustainability Toolboxes that merge theory with business practices.

Ross School of Business School for Environment and Sustainability

SEAS Master’s Projects

Master’s projects are interdisciplinary problem-solving experiences conducted by groups of master’s degree students as the capstone of their academic programs at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability. Projects give students a team experience that approximates a future work environment while also providing client organizations with solutions to complex environmental issues and useful products. These projects focus the substantial capabilities of our students and faculty on problems that real-world clients face. Project ideas are developed by faculty, students or clients.

SEAS Master's Project Overview

Ross Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)

Multidisciplinary Action Projects are a signature, defining element of the Ross MBA program. Students in four- to six-person teams, guided by faculty members, tackle a complex business problem for a company or nonprofit. Students expand their skills and develop their leadership abilities; sponsors get usable recommendations from top minds.

The program started in 1992 as a way to foster greater connections between Michigan MBA students and the greater Detroit business community. Today, the Multidisciplinary Action Projects course is a hallmark of the Ross full-time, evening, weekend, global and executive MBA programs—involving more than 500 students each year.

Ross MAP Overview

Erb Seminar

Erb Seminar is a required course for all first-year Erb students. The course introduces a carefully selected set of sustainability issues and management tools that sustainability professionals should understand before entering the marketplace. The course also provides a framework for career visioning in sustainability and is intended to build community among the Erb cohort.


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