Businesses today are tasked with the responsibility to address an ever-increasing array of sustainability issues in their owned operations, as well as their global supply chains. The Erb Institute MBA/MS program provides the practical tools, management approaches and real-world experiences that business sustainability professionals need to respond to these complex global risks and opportunities.

The Ross Sustainability Concentration offers an opportunity to complement the MBA curriculum with sustainability electives.

MBA/MS Dual-Degree Curriculum Ross Sustainability Concentration

The Erb Experience

Opportunities for practical, hands-on learning experiences are a hallmark of the Erb Institute.  In the classroom, students gain business acumen while developing a systems-thinking approach to solving some of today’s most pressing sustainability challenges.  Beyond the classroom, Erb offers a variety of experiences to bolster the learning that takes place between both schools.


The Erb MBA/MS dual-degree program is selective, requiring acceptance into both the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (Ross) and the School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS).

* While completing your applications, it is very important to keep in mind that you are not applying to the Erb Institute. You are applying to the Ross School of Business and to the School for Environment and Sustainability.  Applications to each school must be tailored accordingly.

Ross School of Business School for Environment and Sustainability FAQ Funding Opportunities

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