Tony Leandres Baptista

Sr. Manager, Customer Operations

Honeywell Aerospace

Tony Baptista is a Senior Manager of Customer Operations at Honeywell Aerospace. Prior, Tony worked as an IT Manager at Honeywell, and was responsible for the change management associated with the recording and billing of $10B in annual revenue. Tony leverages over ten years of experience in IT project and program management and operations to enable organizations to increase supply chain transparency and find opportunities to apply sustainability best practices. Prior to Honeywell, Tony was part of the Erb Aveda Team in 2005 that developed ten different supply chain recommendations to reduce the energy impact of product distribution by 10% while maintaining customer service levels. During the summer of 2003, Tony completed his Tauber Institute internship at Honeywell Consumer Products Group, where he led a lean manufacturing initiative that reduced packaging waste, scrap, inventory, and labor costs. Tony earned his BA in Biology with Honors from Wheaton College. As an undergraduate, he published several papers in ecology and earned a Howard Hughes Fellowship in Organic Chemistry at Dartmouth College.