Tina Tam

Director, Operations and IT


Tina is interested in environmentally sustainable international development. Prior to returning to school, Tina was a Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft, where she also co-founded an internal group to promote environmental awareness and influence company policies. Since joining the Erb Institute, Tina has spent her summer internships devising growth strategies for social entrepreneurial ventures. Most recently, she delivered the first business plan for the Microcarbon Foundation, a UK organization based in Beijing developing a solution for integrating carbon finance into microfinance for the uptake of renewable energy technologies at the base of the pyramid. In Ashoka, she managed a collaborative platform and performed industry analysis for a solar social investment fund. At the Institute at the Golden Gate, an incubator for social impact innovations, she conducted market analysis and financial modeling for the organization’s first publishable business plan. A native of Hong Kong, Tina holds a B.S. in Cognitive Science with a Computing Specialization from UCLA.