Susan Kayser

Erb Post-Doctoral Fellow 2014-2016

Data Scientist, Hill Rom

Susan Kayser is a former Erb Institute Research Fellow with concurrent appointment as a Dow Sustainability Fellow at the University of Michigan. Prior to her Post-doctoral Fellowship, she received by PhD from Indiana University in the Business Economics and Public Policy department with a minor in Strategic Management under the supervision of John Maxwell.

Her scholarly research uses econometric analyses to study non-market corporate strategies related to corporate environmental practices. Her dissertation work focuses on how strategic non-market actors, such as civil society organizations, can influence firm decisions to commit to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, follow through with those commitments, and their value to the firm. Susan’s dissertation was named the Organization and Natural Environment (ONE) division of the Academy of Management best dissertation award. Her most recent stream of research, which is under development with Thomas Lyon [University of Michigan], focuses on how the characteristics of manufacturing facilities’ and their parent organizations, along with their respective institutional environments, influence facilities’ decisions to reduce or increase their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.