Shoaib Rahman

Engineering Lead


Shoaib is passionate about creating a more sustainable world through mobility transformation. Currently, he is based in Singapore, where he is an Engineering Lead at Grab, the leading transportation network company of Southeast Asia. Shoaib interfaces with enterprise partners throughout Southeast Asia to develop a localized understanding of corporate travel in each region, and he uses that knowledge to help improve and grow the Grab for Business division. He is also serving as an engineering and product advisor to the Grab Platform division.

In the past, Shoaib has worked in a product management capacity at Amazon, where he was a founding member of the Alexa Video team, and he has also interned within the Transportation practice at Rocky Mountain Institute, an energy and sustainability think tank. Shoaib graduated with his MBA and MS degrees through the Erb Institute in December 2016, prior to which he was a software engineer in the financial services and high frequency trading industries.