Scott Gregory Baron

Head of Product Strategy (AWP)

Nordex / Acciona Windpower

Scott is responsible product strategy at Nordex / Acciona Windpower, including the development of all new wind turbine products and features. Before joining Acciona, he was Product Line Leader, Renewable Energy Leadership Program (RELP) for GE Energy as well as the Product Line Leader for GE’s 1-2 MW Wind Turbine Segment. This was an exciting role on the cutting edge of GE’s business strategy and new product introductions in wind. Scott is a 2004 Erb MBA/MS graduate. During his tenure in the MBA/MS Program, Scott focused on renewable energy, particularly wind power and hybrid power systems in developing countries. His research has led to the formation of a business plan for a company called Developing Power and his Master’s thesis: “Developing Power Business Plan: Empowering the Bottom of the Pyramid”. In 2003, he participated in several business plan competitions and won Best Social Entrepreneur at the New Ventures Competition in San Diego, CA and the Social Return on Investment (SROI) award at the National Social Venture Competition in New York. Scott was also named as a finalist in The Global Venture Connections Business Plan competition. He pitched his business plan at the London School of Business and was awarded 2nd place. Scott worked closely with the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and was featured in their annual report, ‘Dream, Learn, Do’. This publication provides an in-depth view of the diverse areas of study within entrepreneurship, celebrates the many successful students and alumni engaged in the creation of new ventures, and provides insight into Michigan’s vibrant entrepreneurial community. In 2004, he was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year. Prior to starting in the MBA/MS Program, Scott focused on climate change by helping start the Chicago Climate Exchange, the world’s first large-scale voluntary carbon dioxide emissions trading program. After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in political science and with honors in economics, he worked in Boulder, CO for Stratus Consulting, a cutting-edge environmental and energy consulting firm. At Stratus, Scott designed analytical tools for energy companies and performed statistical studies on various health and water quality projects.