Rajat Bhatia

Intern, Office of Environmental Affairs

JPMorgan Chase

Rajat has over over nine years of private sector experience in services operations, entrepreneurship, business process management and corporate strategy. He spent five years in the process services sector in India where he managed complex engagemens for US based clients. He took a break from corporate sector to cofound his entrepreneurial venture wherein he marketed, and consulted on, a Balanced Scorecard based corporate performance management software developed by a US firm. He subsequently reentered corporate world to work in the Business Process Management division of a large consumer retail firm and was later promoted to work in their corporate strategy division. He has always been passionate about sustainability related causes. He has a keen interest in renewable energy, particularly solar energy, and has studied the subject at a premier energy institute in India. He is excited to be a part of the Erb community and is looking to further augment his knowledge and experience to ultimately transition into renewable energy finance or sustainable finance.