Rachel Permut

Chief Strategy Officer


Rachel is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for Enersponse. Prior to, she was the franchised electric and gas strategy manager at Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC. She completed three rotations in the commercial associate program before taking on strategy full-time. She worked on water-efficiency for baseload plants in the chief technology office, smart grid strategy, and did business analysis of potential environmental policies in federal affairs. Before returning to graduate school Rachel worked in Washington, DC for the National Wind Coordinating Committee addressing issues affecting the growth of wind power development in the United States including: wildlife-turbine interactions, siting of facilities, transmission integration and green power markets. While at Michigan, her primary interest was in corporate strategies related to climate change. She increased her breadth in energy industry through projects in energy efficiency and green building and studied corporate sustainability from a strategy and organizational management perspective. Her Master’s Project and first internship involved analyzing policies that could impact Michigan’s greenhouse gas emissions and the economy for the Center for Sustainable Systems in SNRE. The following spring she explored corporate sustainability and strategic planning with Waste Management, Inc. during her MAP and second internship. Rachel holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.