Priyanka Bandyopadhyay

Sr. Business Planner, Cloud & Enterprise


Priyanka’s interests span renewable energy, appropriate technology for rural development, sustainable agriculture, and industrial ecology. Prior to Michigan, she worked for six years in the healthcare IT industry in Los Angeles, leading development and implementation activities for mission-critical clinical software at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Priyanka’s personal passion for understanding the interplay between business, economic development, energy, and the environment, led her to Michigan’s Erb program, where she is exploring the exciting gamut of career options in the sustainability field. Priyanka once interned with the Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder, Colorado, where she helped facilitate two energy innovation workshops with the National Renewable Energy Lab and Rio Tinto Mining, respectively. Priyanka holds a bachelors degree in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and her ultimate long-term “career” goal is to teach yoga and hands-on sustainability principles to schoolchildren.