Paul Gruber

VP of External Partnerships

Sierra Energy

Paul is VP of External Partnerships at waste-to-energy company, Sierra Energy, collaborating with partners to deploy waste reduction, renewable energy and alternative fuel production systems. Prior to this, Paul was Executive Director of the Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways program at UC Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies, where he managed a public-private consortium of academic, auto and energy industry, government, and NGO partners. While at the Erb Institute, Paul studied sustainable systems and co-develop the business plan for an advanced battery management startup. He also co-wrote, with several Erb colleagues, and won a $35 million DOE manufacturing grant for a cathode materials producer. In collaboration with Ford, Paul analyzed lithium availability and demand for electric vehicles through 2100; the resulting paper was published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology. Paul has worked as a business development consultant in China and Mexico, completing industrial and residential water resource projects, and as a management consultant at Kaiser Associates in Washington, D.C. Paul also helped manage for several years, Strategies for International Development, a non-governmental organization working to eliminate rural poverty and build democratic practice in Latin America.