Parijat Chakrabarti

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Parijat Chakrabarti is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. His research examines how societies, amidst rapid technological change and global market integration, balance competing interests between economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental stewardship. He has investigated these questions in the context of food systems and is interested in how market institutions can be better designed to promote long-term social and ecological well-being.

Parijat has regional expertise in East Africa and has conducted long-term fieldwork in Kenya’s “Silicon Savannah.” In addition to his research, he has worked as a consultant for the World Bank’s Africa Gender Innovation Lab and served on the advisory board for several development projects.

Parijat holds a PhD in Sociology from Princeton and a BA in Economics and Sociology from UC Berkeley. Prior to graduate school, he worked at a research unit at ETH Zürich and on several farms in the Argentine pampas.