Param Singh


Deutsche Bank Securities

Before coming to Michigan, Param worked in construction management in Malaysia. His engagement with large-scale multi-stakeholder projects got him interested in dispute resolution. He eventually pursued a diploma in alternative dispute resolution procedures. Param received a BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the University of Delhi. He was born in India and spent the majority of his work years in Malaysia. Over the course of Erb Program, Param interned at the World Bank Group and Deutsche bank. The former provided him with the understanding of the challenges faced by the development organizations, whereas the latter gave him the opportunity to put his passion for finance to use. He loves his community and is very fond of hosting dinners, potlucks and game nights. He was co-president of Indian Subcontinent Business Association and director of alumni relations at Erb SAB. Currently, he is on the boards of Finance Club, General Management Club and Energy Club. He is also the Alumni Chair of the SEAS 2017-18 Student Government.