Nikole Reaksecker

Chief Engagement Officer


Nikole Reaksecker graduated in 2003 with an interest in energy, sustainable development, and strategic environmental management. Her long-term goal is to help companies integrate the concepts of empowerment and environmental leadership into their corporate strategies. She believes that companies can make sound business decisions, improve their industrial processes, and increase their organization’s morale by considering their impact on the environment and by eliminating waste. Prior to joining the MBA/MS Program, Nikole earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis and she worked for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Region 9’s Air Division. During her career at the EPA, Nikole provided technical and legal support to over 40 state and local air pollution control agencies, developed strategic plans for the implementation of the compliance and air toxics programs, provided assistance to the regulated community, and trained over 100 federal, state, and local health officials on public participation and risk communication. During her Multi-disciplinary Action Project (MAP), Nikole worked as an organizational consultant at CH2MHill, a multi-billion dollar engineering construction firm. Nikole interned at Phillips Petroleum Company during the summer of 2001 where she performed marketing and competitive analyses for emerging business opportunities, developed a communication strategy for interacting with community groups and regulatory agencies, and investigated market incentives.