Nadia Joanne Herb Read

Based in Washington, DC, Nadia’s interests are in marketing strategy and brand development, corporate responsibility, and sustainability projects and reporting. After graduating in 2002, Nadia worked in corporate marketing at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas developing and executing seasonal marketing strategies for the $2.8B specialty luxury retailer. She left Neiman Marcus to move to DC and become a full-time mother.

While at Michigan, Nadia interned at Nike in 2002 to develop the business case for sustainability. With a team of two other classmates, she created a practical framework through which Nike project leaders and senior management can see the benefits of sustainability in terms of eco-efficiency, brand enhancement, and new product development. During the summer of 2001, Nadia worked for Enron Energy Services in Germany supporting the development of integrated energy management solutions for industrial and commercial customers in Europe.

Prior to Michigan, Nadia worked in project management for the International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change in Amsterdam. She managed the Industrial Transformation Project, an international and interdisciplinary research framework, which explored the environmental strategies and responses of multi-nationals to globalization within the energy, food, and technology sectors, as well as the role of urban systems and governance. From 1995 to Prior to Michigan, Nadia worked as a consultant with Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd. in Calgary. She undertook environmental and socioeconomic assessments and developed stakeholder and First Nations consultation programs in support of large infrastructure projects, primarily in the energy industry. Before arriving in Michigan, Nadia spent three months traveling in Central America and had the opportunity to assist a Guatemalan company develop a green business plan for the World Resources Institute’s New Ventures Investors’ Forum. In 1995, Nadia completed her BScH in Environmental Science and Geography at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. In addition, she spent a year studying Environmental Geography in Muenster, Germany. Nadia is fluent in German and is always trying to find opportunities to improve her French and Spanish.