Monika Johnson

Senior Finance Manager


Monika’s five years at the United Nations Foundation (UNF) led her to the Erb Institute, where she plans to focus on supply chain sourcing and workforce development for companies using natural resources. While with UNF in Washington, DC, she founded and directed a campaign called GenUN, which engages new constituencies—particularly young, diverse Americans—in the United Nations’ work on global health, sustainable development, human rights, and security. As an “intrapreneur,” she worked with internal and external colleagues to build the campaign’s grassroots advocacy mechanisms, digital strategy, and cross-sector partnerships. Monika’s involvement in the launch of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals spurred her interest in the exciting potential of global sustainable enterprise and public-private partnerships.

Previously, she held positions with the U.S. Forest Service International Programs Office and an environmental NGO in Shanghai, China. Monika is originally from Durango, CO and earned a B.A. in International Relations and Asian Studies from Michigan State University.