Miriam Fuchs

Business Associate


Miriam is part of the Erb Institute and is a Tauber Institute for Global Operations Fellow. She is interested in developing strategies for manufacturing companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by changing practices in their supply chains and operations. Prior to joining the Erb Institute, Miriam worked at IEc, an environmental economic consulting firm. Her projects included providing economic analyses of the impact of climate change on agriculture and other industries in developing countries, and the effects of environmental regulations on domestic industries. At her internship at GE Aviation, Miriam worked with a Tauber team to create a strategy to further the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) throughout the business. Miriam holds a BA in economics and a BS in environmental science from Brown University. In her free time Miriam enjoys being outdoor activities, especially sailing, rock climbing, hiking, biking, and as a former NCAA coxswain, she enjoys any opportunity to be on the water.