Michael Elchinger

Director of Project Finance and Development

Falck Renewables

Mike Elchinger is a Project Leader in the Project Development and Finance Advisory Group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). For over 10 years Mike has worked on engagements as a project manager and analyst providing environmental, economic and financial analysis and advisory on energy projects, both domestically and internationally. In his five years at the Lab, Mike has focused heavily on international engagements. His work has spanned many countries including Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Jamaica; with funding from a variety of clients including DOE, USAID, and MCC. He has managed projects, produced economic and financial analysis on energy projects, coordinated analysis on grid integration of renewable energy and renewable resource assessments, traveled extensively and provided advisory and analysis on low emission development. He recently took an assignment representing NREL to the Air Force Office of Energy Assurance, where he provides lab connections and economic and finance advisory.