Lucky Abraham

Lucky is interested in both corporate environmental strategy and the development of clean technologies. Prior to Erb, Lucky was pursuing a career in eco-friendly product design. Realizing the need to address the issue of sustainability on a much larger scale, Lucky decided to return to her business roots. Before her foray into the design world, she worked in international asset management. First, as an equity analyst for Prudential Financial’s first emerging markets fund where she covered the regions of Eastern Europe, Middle East, and South Africa. Then, as an associate for PRICOA Capital Group, the international investment arm of one of the leading US investors of private capital. She would like to leverage her financial experience with her creative inclinations to help commercialize and scale clean technologies. Lucky graduated with honors from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she received a B.Sc. in Economics with concentrations in Finance and Strategic Management. In her free time, Lucky enjoys film and music, preferably of the independent kind, but her real passion is traveling and exploring the world, especially to obscure places with impossible views.