Kaitlin Paulson

Senior Consultant


Kaitlin is interested in improving the accessibility of healthy, sustainably-sourced food and educating consumers about eating healthier. She enrolled in graduate school to build on and leverage the skills she developed in Corporate Finance at Target Corporation to drive for change that impacts more than just the bottom line. Over the summer, Domestic Corps provided Kaitlin with the unique opportunity to learn about the strategic challenges faced by the education sector at TEAM Schools, the region of KIPP charter schools in New Jersey that strives to transform Newark and Camden into cities of world-class public education. The primary objective of her project was to ensure that key stakeholders feel well-supported as TEAM scales rapidly, entering Camden in the fall of 2014 and continuing expansion within Newark. Kaitlin’s final deliverables included a comprehensive excel model that aggregated and calculated all financial metrics in one place as well as a leadership dashboard that visually displayed financial metrics to provide context and empower strategic stakeholder decision making.