Jens Kaus

Visiting PhD Scholar

Jens Kaus is a Visiting PhD Scholar with the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. He is a final year PhD Candidate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. His research focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and context. Jens’ PhD explores the nuanced social dynamics and contextual factors crucial for the emergence and development of sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems, particularly in non-metropolitan regions.

Before pursuing his PhD, Jens actively contributed to entrepreneurial initiatives in Munich, Germany, and San Francisco, California. He collaborated with public and private partners, leveraging relationships to support and enhance entrepreneurial endeavors. Jens holds an MA in Globalisation, Business and Development from the University of Sussex/Institute of Development Studies, UK, and a BA in International Business and Social Sciences from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany.