Elyse Steiner

Energy Analyst

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Elyse is committed to driving strategic investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy to save money, reduce electricity demand, and cut CO2 and other harmful emissions from the power sector. As an Energy Analyst at Walgreens, she manages energy procurement for a nationwide portfolio of over 10,000 store locations, benchmarks store energy performance, and helps the company set and attain its corporate sustainability commitments. Previously, Elyse developed policies at the national level that addressed emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from power plants as part of the US EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. She was a member of the teams that designed and defended EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, and other Clean Air Act rules under the Obama Administration. When Elyse joined the EPA in 2004, she promoted ENERGY STAR programs to encourage energy efficiency investments. She also worked as research analyst analyst at the global natural resources consulting and research firm Wood Mackenzie. Elyse has earned a BA, MBA, and MS from the University of Michigan.