Doug Wein



Doug Wein leads the independent consulting and coaching company Manifest, as an expert sustainability strategist and professional coach.  Manifest guides sustainability-minded professionals and businesses to clarify and achieve their most critical goals.

Doug provides strategic sustainability consulting to not-for-profits and Fortune 500 companies across a wide array of industries, including renewable energy, waste & recycling, retail, manufacturing, conservation, food & agriculture, and green building.  His consulting work focuses on strategic planning and implementation, organizational dynamics, and business development.   As a coach, Doug works with individuals who are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally beneficial impacts.  Doug’s coaching facilitates personal growth in leadership and management skills, big picture planning, and stakeholder influence with impressive results.  He works closely with clients as a thought partner, to spread bold ideas and push forward the frontier of sustainable business.  Doug has led strategy development in small teams and in groups of over 650 professionals at premier sustainability venues.

Doug has led people and organizations for over twenty years.  He has an MBA from the Ross School of Business and an MS from the School of Natural Resources and Environment, having graduated from the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan.  His undergraduate degree in Psychology is from Pitzer College.  Outside of professional life, Doug is often inventing new culinary sauces to delight his wife, getting covered in sawdust, or building forts with his kids.

Doug is also tickled by how inaccurately youthful he appears in his Erb profile photo, and refuses to update it for nostalgia’s sake.