Charlie Schwarze

Global Sustainability Manager

Amcor Rigid Plastics

Charlie has taken full-time position at Amcor Rigid Plastics, serving as the company’s Global Sustainability Manager. In this role Charlie drives the company’s sustainability strategy comprised of carbon emissions reductions, waste-to-landfill reductions, life cycle analyses, and customer/employee engagement. This demanding role moved Charlie to the Part-Time Ross MBA program and will have him finishing his MBA/MS during 2015. Prior to joining the Erb Institute Charlie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan and served for both the U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Air Force as a F-14 and F-18 pilot, accumulating more than 1800 flight hours and over 300 carrier landings. During his service Charlie managed the training and safety programs for two squadrons with annual budgets in excess of $500M while flying around the globe. Charlie was involved heavily in the strategic vision and planning, personnel management, and development of training programs for both his American and Australian fighter aircraft squadrons. Charlie’s desire is to make both the planes we fly and the way we fly them more sustainable within his lifetime. In his free time Charlie enjoys recreational flying, rooting for any UM team, water sports, camping, and spending time with family.