Brent Hire

Special Advisor


Brent currently serves as a Special Advisory at Mediaan. Brent is greatly inspired by people and their potential to build organizations that enable positive deviance and extraordinary performance. Brent believes truly sustainable enterprise thrives when leadership is promoted and valued throughout an organization. In a world without limits, teams that are empowered to face risk and take initiative drive a company’s ability to see around the next corner. Brent’s expertise is in strategy, systems innovation, sustainability and public-private partnerships.

Brent has worked for more than a decade as an entrepreneur in Europe, where he founded a management consultancy and provided trainings on ethical leadership, corporate governance and conflict resolution. His work is characterized by an unrelenting resourcefulness, counter-intuitive thinking and the joy he takes in connecting people from diverse backgrounds to generate sparks.

In other lives, he was the director of a European-wide martial arts organization – he holds black belt rankings in 6 traditional Japanese arts. On Sunday mornings, he can often be found reenacting Kurosawa films.