Aparna Sundaram

Founder and Director (Sustainable Finance & Business)

Sundar Solutions

Aparna aims to finance the start-up, expansion, and growth of sustainable enterprises in the US and abroad. At Erb, she has pursued knowledge and skills in clean tech (solar PV, energy efficiency) and carbon finance, putting them to use in clean tech investment banking in New York, clean tech venture capital in Beijing. She has contributed to the Erb and Ross communities by leading the Erb student government’s Speaker Series for 2 years, the Ross School’s Emerging Markets Club (EMC) for one year, and the academics division of the EMC this year. Before school, Aparna launched and ran Aru Namgyal Consulting, and provided marketing, strategy, and operations advice to suppliers, buyers, and manufacturers of Tibetan Medicine and natural products, in Chengdu, P.R. China. Prior to that, she co-founded the Makye Ame Restaurant in Lhasa, Tibet. Aparna speaks fluent Tibetan and proficient Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is literate in French.