Andrea Kraus

Product Manager, Microgrid Strategy Implementation

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Andrea is currently a Product Manager, in Microgrid Strategy Implementation, at PG&E. Andrea is working to help the energy industry reach its potential to create equitable economic opportunities, and build resilience against the risks of a changing climate, while reducing its own impact on the environment. As a Product Manager at PG&E, Andrea has gained broad energy experience in areas ranging from electric rate management to distribution grid operations. During her time at Erb, she worked on a municipal climate resilience project with NOAA, and focused her studies on clean energy, climate adaptation, and impact investing. Prior to Erb, Andrea gained 5 years of international work experience in Germany working for Siemens, and in Panama as a Peace Corps volunteer. An avid believer in the power of stories and the spoken word, Andrea produced the School of Natural Resources & Environment’s podcast ( and would be glad to connect with any fellow audiojournalism geeks.