Alex Papo

Engagement Manager

McKinsey & Co.

Alex is leveraging his education at the University of Michigan to understand how the public and private sectors can form partnerships and develop market-led approaches to solve some of the most pressing financial, social and environmental issues faced by the world today. Alex plans to focus on the intersection of finance, sustainability and international development to create innovative solutions that reduce waste and provide more value to poor communities throughout the world. Alex will be interning with The Dow Chemical Company during the summer of 2013 in their Finance department. In school, he spends much of his time working on developing a number of social start-ups with other students.

Prior to joining the Erb community, Alex worked for 4 years in the international development industry. He got his start as a logistics officer at a non-profit humanitarian relief organization and more recently he managed four projects in Latin America and the Caribbean for an economic development firm focused on providing assistance to poor populations throughout the world.