Wiles Kase

Founder and Consultant

Blubeech Venture & Innovation

Class of 2018

I finished at Michigan in May 2018, where I was enthusiastically involved in the Social Venture Fund and Erb’s Peer Coaching program, among other things. Since then, I’ve started an independent consulting practice. I do innovation consulting for larger firms (collaborating with teams at Clareo Partners – clareo.com) and also work on venture teams with incubators/accelerators and corporate VCs. I’ve been doing venture capital work for the last three years, working on deal teams in Michigan, Chicago, and the Bay Area. I’ve also done stints in marketing and strategy for Fortune 500 manufacturers.

In each of my VC roles, I was responsible for deal sourcing, leading diligence efforts, and maintaining advisory relationships with portfolio companies. Sector-wise, I focus on energy, food & ag, industrials, and climate resilience.

I started my career in economic analysis for a consulting firm in Boston. That role gave me a solid foundation in quantitative analysis and also provided extra income I used to start Intangible Tours — an ecotourism business based in South America that I ran from 2008 to 2015.

Outside of work, I nerd out on trees (Woody Plants, anyone?) and the strategy game Diplomacy, and play as much tennis and squash as possible.