Kelsey Pace

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability

Class of 2020

Career Focus: Sustainability Consulting
SEAS Track: Behavior, Education, and Communication
Undergrad: University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
Prior Industry: Chemical and Materials Industry
Favorite Activity: Traveling, Cooking/Baking, Intramural sports

Kelsey’s passion for solving puzzles led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. After college, she joined an engineering rotational program in the chemical industry. This rotational program exposed her to new roles including sales/marketing as well as sustainability. Through this experience, she realized engineering was not the only career path that solves complicated, interconnected puzzles and this is what led her back to business school. Business, especially as it intersects with sustainability, is complex, ambiguous, and somewhat unpredictable; the biggest and most dynamic of puzzles. Ross allows her to explore the nuanced nature of business, with professors who push students to think more critically of the current systems as well as the opportunity to work with real companies to solve real world problems. Following school, she hopes to continue to tackle these puzzles with a career in strategy.