Keely Bosn

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability

Class of 2020

Career Focus: Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, & Sustainability
SEAS Track: Behavior, Education, and Communication
Undergrad: BS Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University
Prior Industry: Military
Favorite Activity: Christmas (and Christmas trees), family, driving 1973 Corvette

Keely’s love of learning about new industries and applying sustainable business strategies led her to join the Erb Institute after serving seven years as a Logistics Officer in the US Navy. Prior to the military, Keely started a company focused on providing quality plastic product solutions between US and Asia-based production companies.  From a young age, Keely knew she wanted to pursue Corvettes and motorsports, so during college she worked as an engineering co-op student for General Motors / Corvette Racing while writing an undergrad thesis comparing aerodynamic tradeoffs in production performance vehicles.

At Erb, Keely’s interests include sustainable startups as well as venture capital investments in companies focused on providing smarter and cleaner technologies with positive business practices. She is an avid member of the Armed Forces Association, Zell Startup Lab, & a Center for Positive Organizations +Lab Fellow.

In her spare time, Keely enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, five chickens, rabbit, and sheepdog. She aspires to own a Christmas Tree Farm devoted to growing organic, sustainable trees while providing a whimsical holiday experience for the whole family.