Katherine DeCelles

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Rotman School of Management statement here

Katy’s research focuses on understanding how individuals in organizations can be better equipped to make more ethical decisions and to behave morally. She is also interested in how organizations can more effectively engage with their stakeholders regarding social/ethical issues, and in issues relating to organizational change. Katy is currently working on a stream of research that examines how employees understand and merge multiple sets of values to affect ethically-related decisions. In her research on stakeholder engagement, Katy focuses on issues related to the public’s perception of organizations’ morality and how the public attempts to affect organizational actions through both traditional and new social media. She has a coauthored paper forthcoming in the Academy of Management Review entitled “After the fall: Reintegrating the corrupt organization.” Other papers currently under review include “Change behind bars: Managing cynicism in the face of continuous organizational change” (which explores employee ethical reactions to organizational change in a state prison system), and “Cognition and affect in whistle-blowing: Understanding whistle-blowing norms and behavior” (which explores moral outrage, peer support and whistle-blowing behavior).