Hanns Anders

Venture Capital, iRobot Ventures


Class of 2011

Hanns is focused on cleantech entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on strategy and finance. Since entering the Erb program, he has pursued business development projects with Imara Corp, a lithium-ion battery startup, and Environmental Operating Solutions, a water treatment startup based on Cape Cod. He has also evaluated early-stage ventures as a Frankel Commercialization Fund Cleantech Fellow. This summer, he analyzed strategic opportunities in the environmental services industry as an intern with the Organic Growth Group at Waste Management. While at Imara, Hanns became fascinated with the electrification of transportation and decided to create a Master’s Project to value EV energy storage for 3rd party network operators. Prior to Michigan, he spent three years with Calim Private Equity, a boutique private equity firm based in Aspen, CO. As an assistant portfolio manager and financial analyst, he assisted in the close and distribution of over $100 million in follow-on investment across a diverse portfolio of companies. Hanns holds a B.A. from the Wayne Calloway School of Business at Wake Forest University.