Greg Phillips

MBA/MS Candidate 2020

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability

Career Focus: Renewable energy and clean tech
SEAS Track: Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Carleton College, Environmental Studies
Clubs and Programs at Michigan: Energy Club, Erb SAB, International Investment Fund, GSIing
Favorite Activity: Cooking, Guitar, Eating

Greg is interested in changing the ways we produce and consume energy in the United States. His passion for energy was sparked over summers spent living on a farm in Pennsylvania where he helped construct a passive solar house. Greg earned a degree in environmental science from Carleton College, where he conducted research on the merits of implementing energy efficiency retrofits at small higher education institutions. After graduating, Greg interned at an energy storage company, working to commercialize technology that will help improve grid efficiency and integrate renewables. Most Recently, he worked in the Office of Presidential Correspondence at the White House, where he ran the energy and environment correspondence portfolio, helping to communicate President Obama’s environmental policies and initiatives with letter writers. At the Erb institute, Greg is excited to deepen his knowledge of emerging clean energy technology, and to find his niche in the industry where he can make the greatest impact possible.