Emilia Sibley


Bain & Company, Inc.

Class of 2014

Emilia is interested in finding market solutions to environmental problems, specifically around renewable energy. This fall, Emilia is heading to Bain & Company to work full-time in the Los Angeles, CA office. Last summer at Bain, she analyzed the market for wearable technology (e.g. Google Glass) for a technology client. During the previous summer, Emilia worked as Finance Intern for SoCore Energy, a growth-stage solar developer in Chicago. Prior to Erb, Emilia worked for the energy efficiency non-profit, PECI, and co-founded an LLC to develop an experimental low-energy home, which profitably sold at the peak of the housing market crisis. Emilia received a B.A. in International Politics from Middlebury College. In her spare time, she loves to surf and backcountry ski.