Elana Fox

MBA/MS Candidate 2019

Erb Institute | Business for Sustainability

Career Focus: Food Sourcing; Impact Consulting
SEAS Track: Behavior, Education, and Communication & Sustainable Systems
Undergrad: Brandeis University; Politics & Public Health
Prior Industry: International Development; Start-ups
Favorite Activity: Wandering trails & exploring new places, baking, swimming, and board games

Elana believes that our world has enough water, food and land to sustain us and that we can create systems of distribution that are both efficient and equitable. She is excited to build sustainable sourcing and supply chains for food and agriculture businesses with a focus on distribution to under-resourced communities. Before joining the Erb Institute, Elana built supply chains and access to resources for smallholder farmers and nontraditional food entrepreneurs with One Acre Fund (Ghana, Ethiopia) and FoodLab Detroit. She also has experience working with natural-resource-focused nonprofits in Boston, Colorado and Washington, D.C. In her spare time, Elana is an avid swimmer, baker, reader and discuss-er of big ideas.