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In building a more sustainable future, your neighbors matter. For the public and private sectors, important symbiotic relationships are emerging. As a major source of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, cities are adopting climate action plans to strategically reduce emissions and ensure a sustainable future. Implementation requires specialized knowledge, which city governments often obtain from […]
Research by Lauren Lutzke, U-M SEAS Master’s Student; Caitlin Drummond, Erb Institute Postdoc; Joe Arvai, Erb Institute Faculty Director Article by Lauren Lutzke, M.S. Candidate in Behavior, Education, and Communication at the University of Michigan “Fake News” has become a hot topic covered by a variety of legitimate reporters and news outlets. But, despite the widespread […]
What kind of leader can move companies toward better social and environmental performance? Research has shown that evaluating certain individual traits can help identify the leaders of tomorrow who will have the tools to address the serious sustainability challenges businesses face today. Former Erb Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Judith Walls describes these traits in “The Power […]
Emerging industries depend on government support to grow, but they may be seen as threats to an incumbent industry, and they need to prove their technical feasibility and market promise. So how do emerging industries garner government support? A group of researchers led by former Erb Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Panikos Georgallis set out to demystify […]
Activists and industry For many people, the combination of activists and industry brings to mind images of protestors chanting while marching with signs and banners in front of a company’s store, headquarters or production facility. For others, it suggests the maneuverings of shareholder activists—equity stakeholders using their investments to pressure a company’s management into some […]
Is there a McKibben Effect — a radical flank effect on the US climate debate? And is it positive or negative? – Vox (Abridged version of Vox article) New research by Todd Schifeling, former Erb-Institute Postdoctoral fellow (of Temple University) and Andy Hoffman (Erb Institute faculty member), is forthcoming in the journal Organization & Environment, addresses […]
It’s well known that some of the biggest issues of our time are polarized along religious or political lines, meaning that people with different religious and political affiliations tend to have different beliefs on these issues. A new paper by Erb Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, Caitlin Drummond, and Baruch Fischhoff of Carnegie Mellon University, investigated whether […]
Research from the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute has found that the careful selection of numerical frames in communications regarding prosocial or socially responsible behaviors can make these communications more persuasive. When people hear statistics, it’s not just the numbers themselves that have an effect—it’s also how the numbers are presented. The way numbers are […]