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Recent Erb Institute research aims to review the current status of indicators used by different assessment methodologies to measure corporate performance on socially responsible operations and identify potential gaps in their effectiveness.
In building a more sustainable future, your neighbors matter. For the public and private sectors, important symbiotic relationships are emerging. As a major source of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, cities are adopting climate action plans to strategically reduce emissions and ensure a sustainable future. Implementation requires specialized knowledge, which city governments often obtain from […]
The City of Detroit’s Office of Sustainability was established in 2017, with a mission to create healthy, green, vibrant, accessible neighborhoods where all Detroiters can contribute and benefit through (1) collaboration between city departments and agencies, (2) engagement and partnership among the city, citizens and relevant organizations, and (3) process and policy improvement. The Office […]
Over the summer, I spent 10 weeks interning with the Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC), which is a startup cut-and-sew manufacturer, training and apparel innovation center. I began working with ISAIC in February on a project to create an online resource center geared toward providing easy access to sustainability-related resources to small apparel companies. […]
The Erb Institute is a family. There are no two ways about it. I don’t say that lightly, unlike some organizations. The Erb family, like any strong family, is full of people willing to give with no expectation of reciprocation—from material things like a tube for river floats to intangibles like their time, energy and […]