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This position will be responsible for the design, implementation, evaluation, and ultimate success of the State of Michigan’s MI Solar for All (MISFA) program, a $156M program. This position will possess exceptional knowledge of the direct generation landscape in the State of Michigan and will strategically navigate the regulatory and legislative requirements to deliver the most impactful MISFA program. As a senior leader within the Office of Climate and Energy (OCE), the MISFA Program Director will convene internal and external partners, in addition to overseeing consultants and staff members, for the purpose of ensuring thoughtful program design and efficient program implementation. Once in the implementation phase, the position will be responsible for both evaluating the progress of the MISFA program, as well as making design and or implementation changes as needed, to ensure the goals of the program – in line with support of the MI Healthy Climate Plan – are achieved.


Strategically lead the planning period and design process for the $156M MISFA program.

  • Lead and project manage the 12-month planning period for the MISFA program, with the support of a planning consultant and other OCE and partner staff.
  • Convene, lead, and facilitate meetings with experts and stakeholders to inform policies and programming as it relates to the MISFA program.
  • Collaborate with other State of Michigan agencies, government officials, experts, and stakeholders to build MISFA program continuity with other, existing and related programs, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the MISFA program; especially considering, but not limited to, available tax credits and direct pay, Home Energy Rebate programs, Low Income Energy Assistance Program, and Weatherization program.
  • Utilize a strong network of climate organizations and professionals to receive feedback from and buy-in to the MISFA program design process.
  • Utilize extensive knowledge and understanding of direct generation regulation and legislation, as well as direct generation project experience, to maximize the meaningful benefits required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), with a specific focus on energy bill savings and ownership.
  • Supervise and manage subordinate staff in the performance of the assigned job functions, related to or supporting the MISFA planning period. • Supervise and manage the planning consultant team to ensure required deliverables are quality and delivered timely, including but not limited to:
  • Comprehensive and responsive stakeholder engagement process,
  • Drafting of complete MISFA program guidelines, and
  • Selection and onboarding of 3rd party program administrator(s), including the draft and release of a Request for Proposals for administrator(s).

In coordination with the selected 3rd party administrator(s), oversee and coordinate the implementation of the $156M MISFA program.

  • Publicly launch the MISFA program within 12 months of the beginning of the planning period.
  • Develop communications strategies to uplift and support the implementation of the MISFA program, taking advantage of statewide networks, as well as creating and providing communication materials for stakeholder and partner use.
  • Serve as the key representative of the MISFA program at outside events and meetings as needed.
  • Establish regular MISFA communication with contractor and supplier networks, ensuring industry understanding of the program and its related material and training requirements.
  • Coordinate or liaise with State of Michigan departments and agencies as necessary to meet program requirements, including but not limited to, timely disbursement of funds and workforce development and environmental justice initiatives.
  • Set program milestones to which MISFA sub-awardees will adhere, including the establishment of a clear reporting process that will gather programmatic information and determine if program milestones have been achieved.
  • Review compiled MISFA sub-awardee reports for the purpose of submitting official grant reports that meet all USEPA reporting, and other related, requirements.
  • Manage the overall MISFA budget throughout the life of the 5-year program (including the 12-month planning period).
  • Participate in agency budget preparation, sharing insight to MISFA budgeting approach and status, and advocating for additional MISFA funding if needed.
  • Support MISFA sub-awardees in the implementation of their projects, including but not limited to:
  • Communicating clear, complete program guidelines at program launch.
  • Providing accessible and timely technical assistance to sub-awardees, directly or through delegated 3rd party providers, in support of community outreach, procurement, permitting, interconnection, contractor management, and reporting compliance.
  • Establish a process to regularly receive feedback from stakeholders, administrators, and sub-awardees regarding the MISFA program and its related project outcomes.

Lead the ongoing MISFA program evaluation and monitoring functions, with the assistance of stakeholders and third parties.

  • Develop evaluation methods to comprehensively evaluate MISFA program successes and roadblocks.
  • Coordinate all compliance, monitoring, and program evaluation functions for the MISFA program, ensuring the coordinated functions occur on a regular and timely basis.
  • Proactively identify program inefficiencies through the thorough and timely review of program evaluation materials and independently seek to rectify in alignment with MISFA program requirements and goals.
  • Drive MISFA program improvement and innovative problem-solving by staying abreast of best-in-class practices for solar deployment.
  • Update MISFA program guidelines and communicate to all required stakeholders in a timely manner, when necessary and allowable.  Communicate and advocate, to the supervisor and to the USEPA, any recommended or requested changes to SFA policy based on gathered information in the MISFA program and subsequent analysis.
  • Regularly review and respond to MISFA program feedback received, to ensure program transparency and maximized public and stakeholder understanding.
  • Participate in agency budget preparation, and in coordination with a thorough understanding of MISFA program successes to date, advocate for separate, additional funding for the MISFA program as appropriate.
  • Supervise, manage, and support subordinate staff through the establishment of a work environment that is fundamentally excited about combating climate change, committed to serving Michiganders – especially Michiganders in low-income and disadvantaged communities, and achieving results through a high standard of professional conduct.
  • Professionally represent the MISFA program; OCE; Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE); and State of Michigan in various committees and councils focused on Solar for All, solar-related, energy eff


  • Education: Possession of a bachelor’s degree in any major.
  • Experience: Four years of professional experience, including two years equivalent to the experienced (P11) level or one year equivalent to the advanced (12) level.
  • Alternate education experience: Education level typically acquired through completion of high school and two years of safety and regulatory or law enforcement experience at the 14 level; or, one year of safety and regulatory or law enforcement experience at the 15 level, may be substituted for the education and experience requirements.

Application instructions: 

Please attach a cover letter, resume and official college transcripts (if applicable) to your application. Information provided in your application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, and any other documentation provided will be used to verify responses to the supplemental questions.  Unsupported responses may not be considered further.

If applicable, you must attach an electronic and/or scanned copy of your official college/university transcripts.  For our purposes, “Official Transcripts” must contain the college/university name and address, the degree conferred and date granted, coursework completed (especially if no degree granted), and the Registrar’s signature and/or seal.

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