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Global Solutions Ventures (GSV) — a joint-venture partnership between ZemiTek, LLC and Dexis— is seeking a Senior Advisor on Indigenous Peoples (IP) to support the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Inclusive Growth, Partnerships, and Innovation (IPI), Inclusive Development Hub (ID Hub). The ID Hub’s mandate is to promote the rights and inclusion of marginalized and underrepresented populations around the world in the development process, working across various technical areas to combat stigma and discrimination, promote empowerment and inclusion of marginalized or underrepresented groups, and improve the lives of populations in high-risk situations.

USAID’s Inclusive Development (ID) Hub promotes the rights and improves the safety and well-being of marginalized and underrepresented populations in development efforts; and leads the U.S. Government’s response to and programming for the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. The ID Hub helps missions and operating units analyze inclusive development issues in their country or sector; supports research on what works in promoting the empowerment and inclusion of marginalized groups and combating stigma and discrimination; implements activities to improve the lives of the most at-risk populations and support children, youth, and families; and provides technical assistance and oversight of activities related to all ID Hub technical areas including Indigenous Peoples’ rights and inclusion, youth, children in adversity, rehabilitation, mental health and psychosocial support, disability rights and inclusion, assistive technology, and LGBTQI+ rights and inclusion.

The incumbent will be a member of the IPI/ID Hub Indigenous Peoples’ team based in Washington, DC, and play a key role in supporting the implementation of the PRO-IP Policy. The incumbent will work with other technical specialists to provide business operations, management, and communication support for the Indigenous Peoples’ portfolio. This is a long-term position with an immediate start date.


  • Provide technical input to the ID Hub and agency colleagues on matters relating to the rights and needs of Indigenous Peoples internationally.
  • Attend meetings and facilitate communication and coordination between USAID and other USG agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), grassroots communities, the private sector, foreign governments, multilateral institutions and other stakeholders on matters relating to the rights and needs of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Identify issues, opportunities, and /or gaps in foreign assistance policies, programs, and initiatives that impact Indigenous Peoples; and within the contexts of other marginalized populations or beneficiaries receiving special attention, i.e., youth, women, children/orphans, elderly, LGBTI, Disabled, victims of TIP, victims of conflict, HIV/AIDs, etc.
  • Help to administer, manage, and provide oversight and coordination of USAID and broader USG resources, programs, projects, and activities to protect the rights and address the needs of Indigenous Peoples internationally.
  • Support USAID’s interagency working group on Indigenous Peoples to synergize, maximize, leverage, coordinate, and/or create opportunities between appropriate domestic and international involvement and efforts. Work with U.S. domestic Indigenous Peoples where appropriate, i.e., tribal leaders, tribal colleges, AI/AN NGOs.
  • Help to develop and coordinate assistance strategies for Indigenous Peoples with specific goals, guidelines, benchmarks, and impact assessments (including support for Indigenous communities and organizations).
    Support assessment of policies, guidance, toolkits, and programs to outline positive and negative impacts on Indigenous Peoples.
  • Assess and monitor USAID activities to ensure compatibility with tenets of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other human rights instruments to which the USG is signatory or has expressed formal support.
  • Coordinate learning exchanges and develop effective tools for implementing the PRO-IP, and assist field missions in implementing the Policy and utilizing the Agency’s tools.
  • Develop recommendations with regard to how USAID may ensure that its development programs do not have unintended negative human rights consequences generally, and negative consequences on Indigenous Peoples in particular, through the use of social safeguards or other means.
  • Help develop content and deliver in-person training on Indigenous Peoples for Agency missions and programs and periodically review and lead the process of updating online training.
  • Maintain the Agency’s website on Indigenous Peoples Issues and take the lead in curating news, information, and best practices in development programs for posting.
  • Support Agency-wide activities related to Indigenous Peoples and their human rights and development, reviewing and analyzing data, developing strategies, analytical models and methodologies and providing technical advice and assistance to USAID operating units.


  • Ability to obtain and maintain a facilities access clearance (FAC).
  • Master’s (MA/MS) degree or higher and minimum of 10 years of experience working in research, practice, or programming related to Indigenous Peoples, local communities and/or marginalized ethnic populations in developing countries, international development, or other relevant fields.
  • Ability to implement project management practices and processes.
  • Experience working with, soliciting feedback from, and co-facilitating projects with individuals from the intended beneficiary population.
  • Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills and experience in social/behavior change communication utilizing an inclusive development lens.
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in data collection and interpreting research to inform and impact decision and policymaking.
  • Demonstrated ability to respond quickly to ad hoc requests for information and to adhere to tight deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to work diplomatically and collaboratively, build consensus, and bridge diverse perspectives and interests.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to successfully facilitate working groups and collaborations between individuals and organizations.
  • Demonstrated interest in inclusive development, social justice, and engagement with historically-marginalized and underrepresented groups.
  • Experience leading the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of large, complex strategic initiatives is strongly desired.
  • Prior experience working with donor-funded programs, including provision of support to field missions or offices.
  • Demonstrated interest in international development and foreign assistance.
  • The ability to communicate proficiently in an Indigenous or second language is preferred.

Salary: Starting at $103,000

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