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Project Drawdown is looking for 3–4 Research Fellows to join our team, starting as soon as possible in Spring 2024. Fellows are anticipated to commit on average 20–25 hours/week over 6 to 9 months.

Project Drawdown is the world’s leading resource for climate solutions.

Our mission is to help the world stop climate change – as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. To do this, we pursue three key strategies:

  • Advance Effective, Science-based Climate Solutions and Strategies: We do the science no one else does to cut through the noise and find effective “whole system” solutions and strategies for stopping climate change.
  • Foster Bold, New Climate Leadership: We inform, inspire, and empower business leaders, investors, and philanthropists to take bold, new positions, act more strategically, and rapidly bring climate solutions to scale.
  • Promote New Narratives and New Voices: We work to shift the conversation about climate change from “doom and gloom” to “possibility and opportunity” and elevate new, underrepresented climate heroes through storytelling and “passing the mic.”

Fellows Subject Areas:

We are looking for individuals with knowledge and expertise in at least one of the following areas:

  • Electricity: Technologies and practices for reducing emissions from the electrical sector – including hardware, software, and market and governance changes to the electrical sector – that support integrating variable renewable energy sources or otherwise favoring clean, low-carbon energy sources over fossil-fired generators; as well as the study of emerging technologies for providing clean, low-carbon electricity.
  • Industry: Technologies and practices for reducing emissions from manufacturing processes; as well as practices for supporting circular economies, reducing demand for plastics and for high-GWP materials (e.g. refrigerants, cement, steel), and reducing waste.
  • Transportation: Technologies and practices for reducing emissions from road vehicles, shipping, and air travel; urban or regional planning to support reducing demand for transportation and/or alternative forms of transit.
  • Buildings: Technologies and practices for reducing emissions from buildings, including direct emissions, operational energy-related (e.g. electric sector) emissions, grid-interactive buildings and advanced building controls and their impacts on emissions, and embodied (e.g. industry sector) emissions associated with the built environment.
  • Energy processing: Technologies and practices for reducing emissions of methane and other GHGs in the oil and gas sector; retiring and decommissioning of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Knowledge in one of more of the following areas may also be beneficial and should be noted in your application:

  • Engineered carbon sinks: Technologies that sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Climate policy analysis: Assessing effectiveness of existing policies; best practices for recommending policies to reduce GHG concentrations in the atmosphere.
  • Technology development: Scaling of new technologies, including technological learning curves, cost analysis and adoption rates.
  • Benefits to humans and other life forms: Human health and well-being impacts of cl


Drawdown Research Fellows will analyze potential climate solutions, drawing upon years of advanced study, experience, and a wide range of backgrounds. Fellows will use quantitative findings from the international scientific literature to assess each potential solution’s effectiveness, cost, adoption, and other characteristics. Fellows will also produce written reports, tables and charts – all accessible to a general audience – summarizing key findings. Fellows will work with scientists at Project Drawdown to conduct these assessments as a group.


  • Master’s degree with thesis, or equivalent research experience
  • 2+ years of combined research experience in subject area(s) above
  • Strong research, analysis, and writing skills. Demonstrated ability and commitment to conduct research, produce scholarly work, and critically evaluate the work of others
  • Experience preparing clear, compelling, and high-quality reports and presentations
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member and to carry out projects
  • Capable of managing own time and meeting deadlines

In addition, candidates are required to be:

  • comfortable with teleconferencing, remote work, and virtual collaboration
  • available to participate in video conferences weekdays between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Pacific Time
  • able to use Google Sheets and Google Docs for delivering individual work products and collaboratively.

How to apply: 

To be considered for this position, please submit your application at including:

  • Cover letter that describes your experience and fit for this role, describing your research experiences and highlighting your relevant educational and work experiences.
  • Most recent resume or CV.
  • Two recent writing samples – ideally one example of technical writing (a research paper, report, or journal article) and one of popular writing (an op-ed, essay, or plain language article).

Applicants selected for interviews will be required to provide at least two professional references.

To apply for this job please visit