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Location: Washington DC (location flexible)


IOF is seeking a Managing Director, Strategy and Operations, to help lead and direct overall strategy and operations for IOF. The Managing Director, Strategy and Operations is a dynamic role serving as part of the IOF senior leadership to advance IOF’s objectives. This individual will be a trusted advisor to the Executive Director and strong people leader.  The Managing Director, Strategy and Operations works closely with the Executive Director to define and execute organizational strategies and build IOF’s organizational culture. They oversee the grant-making, operations, and fundraising teams, and are responsible for oversight of the budget, RF Catalytic Capital relationship, staff development, grants management, talent management and acquisition, facilities, procurement, and technology.

 The Managing Director, Strategy and Operations, is, when necessary, a delegate for the Executive Director in internal and external settings. The Managing Director, Strategy and Operations ensures work is effectively serving IOF’s overall mission and goals, works to ensure the staff team are working together to maximize IOF’s ability to implement federal funding on behalf of fighting climate change and winning economic justice for workers and communities.



  • Develop and oversee strategy for work and projects that have the biggest impact on the organizational agenda and lead to successful execution of IOF’s mission. In collaboration with the Executive Director and Managing Director, Programs, run IOF’s Strategic Planning processes and facilitate decision making by posing essential questions to guide the development of strategy and advancement of goals.
  • Direct and design internal alignment and integration strategies across IOF. This includes collaborating with and empowering each team to deliver on IOF goals, identifying strategic connection opportunities and designing collaborative projects.
  • Ensure strategies and plans are meeting IOF’s overall mission and goals. Work with staff to provide regular updates on measurable progress, including development of IOF’s 6-month Reports to Funders.
  • Direct staff performance, growth, and development activities, including designing and overseeing a regular performance review process enterprise wide.
  • Supervise the Operations, Grant Making, Aligned Funders, Fundraising, and Administrative teams, including oversight of strong budgeting and grant-making systems.
  • Oversee IOF’s relationship with RF Catalytic Capital, including business process and strategy reviews, human resources, procurement, and finance.
  • Oversee the recruitment and development of talent for IOF.
  • Represent IOF as required, both internally and externally, serving as a senior ambassador and representative of the organization, including as a proxy for the Executive Director, as required.
  • Oversee the preparation and follow-up for IOF’s Management Committee and Aligned Funder meetings, including participation with or on behalf of the Executive Director when required, in collaboration with appropriate staff.
  • Mitigate risk to IOF, including legal and business risk analysis, long-term planning for IOF’s future state, and ensuring IOF has the resources and foundation to succeed as its mission evolves.


  • Minimum of 12 years of relevant experience in government, organizing, advocacy, policy and/or campaigns leading strategic and operational teams.
  • Expertise in process design and management, organizational transformation, and systems management.
  • Experience working at the innovative frontier of a field, preferably related to climate issues.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification/experience demonstrating the ability to learn quickly and work in a disciplined way to produce high quality knowledge products.
  • Proven management experience with a demonstrated ability to lead, inspire, and nurture a team.
  • Ability to navigate complexity with a strategic and analytic lens.
  • Highly organized with the ability to wear multiple hats in a dynamic, fast-moving environment; a solution-oriented team player who manages toward clarity.
  • Problem-solver with the ability to engage others and leverage relevant expertise within IOF.
  • Recognizes the value of different perspectives and commits to inclusion, equity, and diversity in every aspect of work.

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