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New Energy Nexus California is seeking a Head of Programs who will be entrusted with the strategic leadership, oversight, and growth of a portfolio of innovative and impactful programs in climate tech acceleration and deployment. This pivotal role involves guiding programs through conception, fundraising, implementation, and scaling phases, ensuring seamless progression and optimal impact. As a key driver of success, the Head of Programs plays a crucial part in developing new initiatives that align with organizational goals, navigating funding sources and funder relationships, overseeing impact, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and leveraging the team’s expertise to ensure excellence in the implementation of new and existing programs.

Additionally, the role includes the management and mentorship of two high-performing teams (Programs and Impact and M&E), and fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment. The Head of Programs will adeptly navigate cross-team collaboration, ensuring cohesive efforts and knowledge-sharing across departments. External collaboration with partners and stakeholders is a key facet of this role, requiring effective communication and relationship-building skills to further enhance the impact and reach of our programs.

In your role as the Head of Programs, your typical day will be dynamic and multifaceted. You’ll collaborate with program teams to set priorities and review their progress, engage with entrepreneurs and stakeholders to identify opportunities for new initiatives or to grow our existing programming, participate in strategic planning sessions with the leadership team, and address any operational and personnel issues within the program teams. Your day will be marked by strategic thinking, hands-on leadership, and a commitment to supporting diverse entrepreneurs leading the way to 100% clean energy for the 100%.


Program Oversight and Strategic Leadership

  • Provide strategic leadership and oversight to a portfolio of entrepreneur support programs, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
  • Guide the entire program lifecycle from ideation to scaling, even amid organizational restructuring and evolving team dynamics.
  • Leverage experience in deploying technology and entering new markets, aligning programs with global market needs and trends with the ability to navigate a changing regulatory and funding landscape
  • Translate the strategic vision into actionable plans for program teams.
  • Navigate ambiguity and guide teams to optimize collaboration and efficiency.

Program Quality and Impact

  • Oversee impact reporting and M&E to ensure the capture of data and metrics that drive continuous improvement of program impact and service delivery as well as provide accurate reporting to funders
  • Under the direction of the Managing Director, work with the Head of Partnerships, Events, and Brand to lead program design and evaluation for the purpose of securing new funding and supporting program renewal

Seasoned Team Leadership and Mentorship

  • Provide strong leadership and mentorship to program leads, setting a high standard for excellence in program execution.
  • Support the professional growth and development of team members and foster a collaborative and high-performing team culture.
  • Address operational and personnel issues within program teams promptly and effectively.
  • Create a positive and productive work environment where challenges are met with solutions and teamwork.

Strategic Leadership

  • Develop and articulate a clear and compelling strategic vision for a portfolio of programs to build an inclusive innovation ecosystem to support diverse entrepreneurs and a just and equitable clean energy transition in CA and beyond.
  • Develop our ramps and career pathways programming for innovators and entrepreneurs in disadvantaged and frontline communities.
  • Work with our labor and industry partners to implement workforce training partnerships that support the acceleration and deployment of climate solutions alongside the creation of high-quality family-supporting jobs.
  • Provide effective leadership by offering clear and purposeful guidance to program teams.


  • Strong dedication to New Energy Nexus’s mission, showcasing a profound understanding and alignment with organizational goals
  • 8-10 years of extensive experience in climate tech acceleration, deployment and supporting clean energy entrepreneurs, including a minimum of 5 years in a Senior Director role
  • 8-10 years of experience in developing and overseeing a portfolio of innovative and impactful programs, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and objectives
  • Proven track record in successfully navigating programs from ideation through fundraising, implementation, and scaling
  • Engineering degree or related science and technology background
  • Adept at evaluating emerging technologies and navigating the challenges associated with bringing innovative solutions to market
  • Ability to assess program effectiveness, make data-driven decisions, and drive continuous improvement of program outcomes
  • Demonstrated experience in securing program funding through diverse channels, including state and federal government and/or philanthropy
  • Expertise in developing and managing program budgets, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring financial sustainability
  • Exceptional leadership and management skills, providing effective guidance and supervision to program leads while fostering a collaborative and high-performing team.
  • Strong writing and public speaking skills
  • Willingness and excitement to collaborate with external partners and travel regularly for speaking engagements as a New Energy Nexus ambassador worldwide

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