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New Energy Nexus California (NEX CA) is launching a new role, Head of Partnerships, Events and Brand, which is a key leadership position entrusted with steering the organization’s strategic initiatives in communications, marketing, events and partnerships. This dynamic role requires a skilled team leader and storyteller capable of conveying compelling narratives about how our work is supporting a just and equitable clean energy transition.

The Head of Partnerships, Events and Brand will play a pivotal role in growing and managing relationships with diverse innovation ecosystem partners, collaborating closely with the Managing Director to align strategies with our evolving vision. This position will provide management, mentorship, and oversight to our communications, and events/partnerships teams, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach to advancing the organization’s mission.

A typical day for the Head of Partnerships, Events and Brand at New Energy Nexus California involves engaging with potential mission-aligned partners, maintaining existing and new relationships, and developing partnership strategies in alignment with New Energy Nexus’s mission. Simultaneously, you will work together with the Head of Programs to pursue program funding through various channels, cultivate relationships for new program development, and explore strategic partnerships. Team leadership is a vital part of their role, as they inspire and mentor teams, foster collaboration, and adapt strategies to evolving market conditions and trends. This dynamic role requires effective time management and leadership to advance New Energy Nexus’s mission.


Brand Development and Communication Strategy

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive communication strategy to convey a compelling narrative about our program portfolio and impact as a whole and in a way that resonates with diverse stakeholders, funders, and the broader clean energy community.
  • Develop and lead implementation of an events strategy through a combination of virtual and in-person events in order to build and strengthen NEX CA brand with diverse stakeholders in the broader clean energy ecosystem (industry, labor, tribal nations, policymakers and regulators)
  • Ensure that New Energy Nexus’s communication strategy reflects industry trends, best practices, and new tools in marketing and sustainability.
  • Lead the communications and events/partnership teams in maintaining consistent messaging and actively using various digital media platforms to enhance visibility and meaningful engagement.
  • Oversee the content creation process to deliver a unified and impactful message across all digital platforms such as social media and websites, maintaining high standards for content quality and alignment with the organization’s mission.
  • Participate in various public speaking events and represent NEX in various forums to convey the organization’s vision and initiatives.
  • Mobilize stakeholder support through effective communication and engagement strategies.

Media Engagement and Public Relations

  • Engage effectively with media outlets and conduct public speaking engagements that raise awareness of the organization’s mission and initiatives.
  • Pitch to various audiences and foster relationships with media contacts, generating increased media coverage and positive exposure.

Partnership and Ecosystem Development

  • Develop and implement a partnership strategy that both supports diverse entrepreneurs and innovators and advances the clean energy mission on a broader scale. This includes exploring innovative ways to work together, share resources, and achieve common goals.
  • Facilitate regular dialogues with a broad set of stakeholders, gaining insights into their needs and ensuring alignment with New Energy Nexus’s objectives.
  • Lead the charge in cultivating, nurturing, and managing relationships with clean energy entrepreneurs, partners, and industry leaders to foster collaboration and support for the organization’s mission.
  • Leverage New Energy Nexus’s established network to identify potential collaborations and secure partnerships that align with the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Utilize New Energy Nexus’s reputation and experience as a trusted entity in the clean energy sector to become the primary point of contact for partners.

Program Engagement and Fundraising

  • Under direction of the Managing Director, work with the Head of Programs to successfully secure program funding through diverse channels, and strategic partnerships.
  • Cultivate relationships with strategic partners and potential funders to support new program development and scaling of existing programs.

Team Leadership

  • Inspire, guide, and mentor the communications, events, and partnerships teams.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, to create a cohesive team working to support diverse clean energy entrepreneurs and our mission to build a more inclusive innovation ecosystem
  • Implement and lead change initiatives as necessary, adapting the organization’s strategies to stay agile and responsive to emerging market conditions, industry trends, and the evolving needs of mission-aligned partners


    • Strong dedication to New Energy Nexus’s mission, showcasing a profound understanding and alignment with organizational goals
    • 8 to 10 years in relevant communications and/or marketing field, and a minimum of 5 years leading organizational-wide communication and/or marketing
    • High level of experience designing agendas, overseeing event planning and recruiting speakers for high impact high visibility symposiums, programming showcases and diverse stakeholder engagement.
    • Sustainability or climate tech experience is preferable but not essential
    • High level of experience with strategic communications and media relations
    • Demonstrated ability to formulate and communicate a clear communications and partnerships strategy, set strategic goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve them
    • Expertise in leading and facilitating organizational change initiatives, with a focus on adapting to evolving market conditions and industry trends
    • Demonstrated ability to translate programmatic data into coherent narratives that accurately capture the range and depth of program impact in ways that strengthen NEX CA positioning and brand
    • Experience securing program funding through diverse channels, and strategic partnerships
    • Analytical skills to gather and interpret data, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement of strategies and engagement efforts
    • Proven experience in managing cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of collaboration, and motivating individuals to work together toward common strategic objectives
    • Excellent public speaking and writing skills (press releases, public comment, etc.)

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